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Below are sneak peeks into two upcoming projects. "Bands Of A Small Hurricane",
is nearing completion,
 while "A Stranger Piece Of Fiction" is just beginning!
Upcoming Works

Daniella Quinn has lived all of her 14 years in the Florida Keys, and is beginning high school with an eye toward budding adulthood and newfound popularity. She even has a new 
sweetheart - a boy vacationing with his family. Summer Of Love, indeed.

Though well-sheltered by her adoring and over-protective (if occasionally drunk) father, Danni finds herself drawn to a mysterious new girl at school, whose intrigue and individuality offer a glimpse at the larger world beyond the Keys. And when Danni forms a relationship with a group of nudists living on a secret beach, she begins to question everything she's ever been taught about family, honesty, beauty, sex. Even the very definition of home.

Experiencing the challenges of teenage romance and interracial friendship, a new society burgeoning with free love and recreational drugs, a determination to overcome childhood trauma, and a growing desire to run away with a community of hippies, Bands Of A Small Hurricane follows one girl's sexual revolution and discovery of self amidst the mangrove-tangled waters of Florida's southern edge.
Temple Barrow is a young woman, burdened with an unplanned pregnancy, running away from a toxic relationship and the only home she's ever known. She thought it was the right choice. After all, she has a new man - a good man - and three new friends. 

But one wrong decision can change everything.

Having been missing for days, Temple is found starving, filthy and stained with blood, stumbling out of the Tongass National Forest in the small town of Kunot Bay, Alaska.

At the local sheriff's office, she finds comfort in the form of hydration, food, and the sympathetic ears of two concerned officers. But what starts as a rescue mission for her four missing companions soon spirals into a web of confusion when the officers begin to doubt the accuracy of her recollection.

A Stranger Piece Of Fiction follows two dueling accounts of what really happened to five people lost in an unforgiving landscape, crippled by drought, as they're forced to examine which parts of their souls are worth preserving, and which are worth sacrificing, when no laws exist but their own.
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